second brother

“Ein Fussel” is, in the German language, a bit of fluff or strand of thread, something inconsequential. For over 30 years, I have transformed bits of cloth and thread into images and installations that tell stories. I incorporate fabric collage, hand and machine embroidery, paint, found objects. Many of these series have been shown in public galleries while smaller pieces have been sold through galleries, shops and at my studio. Kept out of the sun and occasionally dusted, the original works will last for generations.

Over the years I have photographed my work and found that certain imagery –either the entire piece or a tiny detail –makes handsome cards. The West Coast of Canada, where I live, informs my work and I love this landscape, but also enjoy the quirky sights around my diverse, bustling, often wacky neighbourhood in East Vancouver.

Today we communicate electronically, but people are especially pleased to receive a greeting card in the mail. Or, a little collection of cards as a gift, so they have a stash from which to choose......

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